Long time no Read

So lets face it, the 6 people following this blog haven’t read anything from this in a while.

The author though not sure if this has had any significant (or any) impact on their lives , apologizes.

This has been a stressful year, for Americans and non Americans. However the author isn’t going to go into political commentary right now.

Even though this blog is supposed to be dedicated to tech and the impact it has on our lives, she will digress here.

For this, the author will switch to first person.

I think I’ll write about something else here. something that has been bothering me for quite sometime.


I have lacked it for a while.

The energy to just get up and function seems to fade away from me each minute.
It’s not like my mind doesn’t go “eureka” as often as it did when I was a kid. It’s just that as complicated my questions get, the answers get even more complicated.
The energy to chase after the new questions just fade away much faster than they should.

It isn’t the lack of ideas that hold me back, it’s the lack of the ability to dream. Continue reading


It makes sense: why I love coding

Humans are amazing creatures. They have minds that technically work faster than any supercomputer created till date. Yet the huge amounts of data they process are not similar or connected, probably why we haven’t solved the answers to most questions in life. If we have, we haven’t found a way to make ourselves follow them.

I have never been good with humans. I have come to love a few, and admire them, but never been good with them. Mainly because my own human brain cannot process the huge amounts of data I get from other brains. The anxiety and confusion is something I have in 19 years of my life, not learnt to process.

Hence I sit down to code. Codes much simpler and much less fascinating than whatever code has powered the processors in our skulls, yet it is the most relaxing thing ever.

Errors are hard to find, and my code is full of bugs the second I try to make it more complicated. Yet the solution, makes sense. In the end it always makes sense.
These 1000 lines of command, make more sense to me than why my friend is sad, why my lecturer doesn’t like me, or why I just am not in the mood to laugh at a joke which is actually funny.

Coding is about creating steps that make sense, it organises the mind, and it has a clear cut reason behind every reaction.

Though I am fascinated by the human mind and long to understand it, when I code, the world seems to be in order for a change.”

-An amateur coder



The anonymity and misunderstanding of the web has given the scope for people to go for online harassment without the fear of consequences.

The web can be a wonderful place, and is mostly, but it is a whole universe in itself and highly misunderstood by law enforcement and by basic citizens.

This has led for “trolls” to go and harass people online, often making people fear for their lives just because they can.

Cyber harassment refers to online harassment. Cyber harassment or bullying is the use of email, instant messaging, and derogatory websites to bully or otherwise harass an individual or group through personal attacks.

– Source: https://definitions.uslegal.com/c/cyber-harassment/

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Getting help: yourdost.com

The internet with its large connections has the potential to do a lot of good, and here is one example.

Mental health is a serious issue, and according to The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India: 46% of corporate employees suffer from depression. The World Health Organisation aka WHO estimates that 350 million people are affected worldwide.

read more about WHO’s report on depression here

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and has many causes.

The worst part is, in many parts of the world people go undiagnosed and it isn’t even taken seriously.


However there is a ray of sunshine Continue reading

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!: and a thank you note

Well with the new-year rush and the fact the author didn’t have access to Wi-Fi for a couple of days, (yes the author needs the internet too) She may be a bit late with her next post, as research and just thinking of the next post takes time. In the meanwhile, enjoy the new year 2017 and for the fact this is the author’s first ever blog , she wanted to talk about another form of blogging: Vlogging. AKA Video Blogging.

This will be a short one since the Author will not talk about what Vlogging is, maybe that is for another day. Just to her favourite vloggers, and also this may be an example of how communities on the internet help.

This is honestly just a thank you note to the Vlogbrothers, and so many other youtubers’ out there.

I am just a teenager who honestly will probably never understand the world much, but your videos and the topics you talk about have helped me a great deal.

Whenever I have been confused and lonely due to lack of a friend or confidence or (mostly) both, your videos have helped me get through that by telling me it’s okay to be human. The comments bellow the videos from the Nerdfighteria community have helped too. Making me feel like I was part of something.

Mostly they helped me realise it was okay to be depressed and okay to want to get out of it.

This wasn’t really prepped, I just really wanted to do this suddenly; hence this is definitely not the best way I could write my gratitude.

So thank you so much.

-from a teenager who likes stuff