Thought: Internet translators are awesome.

As stated plenty of times on this blog, the internet is a world in itself. This contains communities where people are from all around the globe, different states and speaking different languages.

So it’s awesome when the author can research on any topic she likes on the internet by using a simple translator and view any page she wishes.

So let’s look at the most famous and most widely used translators: Google Translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual translator created by, you guessed it: Google.
The translator supports over 100 languages.

Though not close to the Babel Fish from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, it’s a handy tool that also can translate whole websites.

The process used to be translate word by word, but was confusing and created many hilarious translations. However recently in November 2016 they announced they would start translating sentence by sentence, to make it more relevant.

This was done by switching to neural machine translation: a method where a large neural network is trained by deep structured learning concepts.

Yes, they are using Artificial Intelligence to translate your pages for you.

This is part of the Google Brain project at Google. Which is getting more interesting day by day.
The author wouldn’t be able to explain much in one blog, but you can read up more online, by “googling” it.


So whether you need translation to talk to someone, or to read a webpage that might have interesting information, or just want to see how hilarious your favourite song sounds when you translate it, it’s an interesting topic to look up.  


To see an example of how much fun and how big a difference translation can make
watch this video:


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