HAPPY NEW YEAR!!: and a thank you note

Well with the new-year rush and the fact the author didn’t have access to Wi-Fi for a couple of days, (yes the author needs the internet too) She may be a bit late with her next post, as research and just thinking of the next post takes time. In the meanwhile, enjoy the new year 2017 and for the fact this is the author’s first ever blog , she wanted to talk about another form of blogging: Vlogging. AKA Video Blogging.

This will be a short one since the Author will not talk about what Vlogging is, maybe that is for another day. Just to her favourite vloggers, and also this may be an example of how communities on the internet help.

This is honestly just a thank you note to the Vlogbrothers, and so many other youtubers’ out there.

I am just a teenager who honestly will probably never understand the world much, but your videos and the topics you talk about have helped me a great deal.

Whenever I have been confused and lonely due to lack of a friend or confidence or (mostly) both, your videos have helped me get through that by telling me it’s okay to be human. The comments bellow the videos from the Nerdfighteria community have helped too. Making me feel like I was part of something.

Mostly they helped me realise it was okay to be depressed and okay to want to get out of it.

This wasn’t really prepped, I just really wanted to do this suddenly; hence this is definitely not the best way I could write my gratitude.

So thank you so much.

-from a teenager who likes stuff





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