The happiness of learning and why everyone needs the internet.

I joined Hello Web a few months after joining college. It was mainly because I wanted to actually do something while I was in college. I didn’t even understand Mozilla that well before I approached my seniors to learn more.

I learnt that Hello Web was an initiative backed by Mozilla, and it aimed to spread web literacy.

Interested as I was, I didn’t fully see how it was important everywhere till I did my first on field job.
While I sat there and taught kids in a small room, with a few computers and as the kids sat and listened, I realised a vital reason why it was important to give these kids access to the web.


As I showed them how to Google search and how to use YouTube; I saw a kid’s eyes go wide as he saw his favourite cartoons on the screen, I saw how a girl smiled when information on one of her favourite historical figures came in the search results.

These kids wanted to learn, and that is good enough of a reason to make sure they get the information they want.

The internet is important, you can’t survive or progress these days without it. It doesn’t matter who you are, you will need it in some way.

The fact that we live in the information age, and the internet is the ultimate resource of all knowledge know to mankind, is one of the biggest reasons why we should ensure everyone learns how to use it.

The use of the internet is rapidly increasing. It went from less than 1% in 1995 to around 40% now in 2016.



The internet is vital to everyday life, from banking to shopping to research. It has affected elections and fuelled revolutions. A large portion of adults get their news from social media and the internet. It seems that if you are blocked from the web you risk being cut off from major parts of the world.


So yes you need the internet.

-Anusha Chattopadhyay

Here’s an article on the HELLO WEB campaign published in The Hindustan Times: Kolkata


Read the whole paper here



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