fb-logo“I was thirteen and new to Facebook. My friend had uploaded a photo of my birthday cake and had tagged me with a caption saying that it was from my birthday party. One day I got a message on Facebook from an unknown person along with that picture saying “party mein kyun nahi bulaya mujhe?” (Why didn’t you invite me to the party?).

I was surprised that he had sent me a picture of my own birthday cake, hence I messaged asking who he was. He replied saying that he wanted to be my friend.

I stated I did not know him, and I did not want to talk to him, as he was a stranger and I was only 13. (I typed this as I recalled my parents telling me about stranger danger)

He said that if I did not talk to him he would take my pictures and photoshop my face onto some other body.

I got very scared and blocked him immediately. I took screenshots as I knew from watching crime patrol that I should maintain a copy of suspicious messages.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night, I kept thinking that he had taken my pictures and started the process of morphing them, or even uploading them. I remember going to my parents’ room that night, waking up my mom and saying that I had to tell her something. She came to my room worried, and I told her everything.

She sat for a few minutes thinking about the situation. She told me not to worry, and if anything happened they would fix it. She asked me if I had saved a copy of the messages. I said yes. She said if the situation escalated; the cyber police could be contacted.

Then she told me to go back to sleep.

She must have discussed it at length with my dad that night. Next morning my dad told me not to open messages from unknown people and also told me not to worry.
That’s the last we ever discussed it.

The fact that a random stranger on the internet could threaten me, a thirteen year old kid, and get away with it still haunts me to this day.”

-Submitted story.



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